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Dunboyne Dental Care Data Protection and Privacy Statement                     

(Updated May 21st 2018)

Dunboyne Dental Care is committed to upholding strict data protection protocols in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (2018)

We mainly process manually maintained data sources in this dental practice. The only exception to this is the storage of OPG radiographs on computer that may be ordered from time to time. This information is encrypted and cannot be accessed by any third party even if the computer is stolen. We are not required to register with the Data Protection Commissioners.

Any hard copy printout of data from an online source not held by ourselves, e.g. Welfare Partners (Dental Benefit), DTSS (Medical Card System), will be from a temporarily held source which is deleted after printing and will not be held or stored on computer.

About the information we collect about patients of this practice

We collect the following information about patients, a record of which is kept on/in the individual patient’s record card.

Name and Address and Phone numbers for direct communication with a patient.

PPS numbers These are necessary for checking eligibility for the two State dental schemes of Dental Benefit (operated by the Dept Of Social Welfare) and the DTSS (Medical Card Scheme, operated by the HSE)

Clinical details of each dental appointment and attendance. We may also insert details that are non-clinical arising from phone calls to or from patients that may have a relevance from a Medico-Legal aspect. We are required to do this as part of proper and normal record maintaining

Medical History Questionnaires (These are necessary from clinical and Medico-Legal aspects) They are only on written forms and kept concealed in each record card. All patients over 16 will be required to fill out and maintain this questionnaire themselves. Parents and guardians of all patients who are under 16 at first and subsequent visits to us must fill out or update this form on their behalf.

How we use this information about you -

We use name and address and phone numbers to contact each patient as the need may arise. This information will be used in any clinical referral that we make.

PPS numbers are used as the primary way of checking eligible Medical Cards in connection with the DTSS scheme. PPS numbers and dates of birth together are used to check eligibility for the Dental Benefit Scheme. We are required to keep a record of Medical Card numbers for fee claiming from DTSS.

Clinical record details are a part of the normal required accurate record keeping for each patient.

Medical History Questionnaires are used for the purpose of safe treatment of patients during their dental treatment appointments.

Disclosure of collected information to third parties will only happen in the following circumstances without specific consent. To Professional indemnity bodies in cases of any Medico Legal complaint. HSE, Dept of Social Welfare, Gardai, Court System. Any other disclosure will be with the knowledge and permission of the patient or patient’s representatives in the very rare circumstances it is required.

Access to all information held by us can be made by a request in writing at any time and patients have the right to get the information changed if it is incorrect.

A full copy of our data protection policy is available in the practice for inspection at any time. Alternatively clicking below will show an online copy of this policy.

The Data Protection Officer is Dr Robin Jones who is the contact person for all Data related enquiries. If any information other than described should in the future be kept on computer, then this information will be in encrypted form and an update to our privacy statement will be updated to show these changes.

Email changes - we have changed our email provider to a fully encrypted and protected cloud based system. Sensitive emails will always be encrypted before sending.

Full GDPR policy