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" Its only a back tooth, no one can see it "

Removal of a tooth prematurely, especially one in the middle of a row of other teeth will cause problems later. It may seem like a 'quick fix' , but removal of one back tooth in this way will cause problems with 4 to 5 other teeth also.

The animation shows what happens after a tooth is removed in this way:

1. The tooth behind tips forward into the space. (lower teeth especially behave like this). This immediately causes problems with the bite as it now lies in a very traumatic position against the top teeth. A tooth like this is now prone to get loose and sore when biting and will be lost prematurely even if no other problems are present.

2. The tooth above the space grows out of the gum ("over eruption") and contributes further to the traumatic bite. The over erupted tooth now has a larger space and bad contact between it and the adjacent teeth. This situation makes the chance of the tooth developing decay (due to cleaning difficulties), a very common problem. Its neighbours will also suffer a similar fate as they are in contact with it.

3. Removing back teeth affects the front teeth also as the back teeth are the “foundations of the mouth”. The more back teeth that are lost, the more the front teeth will be doing extra work and be under pressures they are not designed to take. Problems here include chipping or breaking, extreme wear of the biting surfaces, etc.

So it may be seen that the 'quick fix' is not a good proposition at all. The remedies usually will eventually be more extensive or more costly (quite frequently both).......

If more people were aware of the need to preserve back and side teeth, a lot of the future collateral damage that we see every day in the surgery could be eliminated.

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